A word about my blog name.

I decided today to change my blog name to ‘The Crazy Student’. I mean as much as I love my own name it’s not got such a ring to it and I don’t think anyone else particularly cares about it.

Crazy. One word comes to mind and that is controversial. Writing about mental health is always going to be a little bit controversial though and I’m a bit of a joker when it comes to my own mental health. That combined with my love of sarcasm tends to lead me to not taking myself too seriously. There’s a time and place for seriousness, heck I can be extremely serious when it comes to mental health, but talking about my own experiences in my own space allows for a little bit of relaxing on the use of words.

People with mental health problems are not crazy. They’re just people with an illness that changes certain aspects of their lives. I’m not going to lie though, I am a little bit crazy but that has nothing at all to do with my mental health.

Way before I had any signs of mental health problems I was a little bit, y’know, crazy. I was the hyper, on the go kid. Anything was possible and my ideas, my beliefs and the things I wanted to do definitely edged towards being a bit crazy. Thing is, I quite like seeing myself as a bit crazy. It makes life much more interesting and fun, and it has nothing to do with being mentally ill.

I would never ever call someone with a mental illness crazy and I would never be ok with the media labelling any one as such. It’s all about the context and the meaning.

I’m me, a little bit crazy, and I like it. If I had to state one goal I have in my recovery from my mental health problems, I think it would be to get some of my ‘crazy’ back. Ironic, eh? In getting better from my mental health problems, I want to be even more crazy.

I also quite fancy myself as a crazy cat lady, we all need a back up plan should all else fail.


2 thoughts on “A word about my blog name.

  1. I always think that anyone who suffers from a mental illness is usually the first to call themselves crazy, more to make it into a joke. I have done things I think were ‘crazy’ I like to look back and laugh, but I do understand your point about the general percepetion about using the term ‘crazy’, guess it isn’t always used right or has good connotations.

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