Airy Fairy?

Before I ever tried yoga, I thought there is no way it’s for me. I don’t do airy fairy, and I thought it was just that. Same with meditation and whatever else. I remember in CAMHS I was given this CD to listen to and it was a long the lines of “you’re laid on a raft in the middle of the ocean”. I handed it straight back. No thanks, not for me.

I thought yoga was all about sitting around and breathing. I was wrong. My first go at yoga was using a DVD with my sister and it was hillarious. I remember you had to make some kind of noise at some point. It was weird, probably not a good representation of what yoga really is.

When I was doing nursing I had another go using youtube. I did it a few times and it transformed my views. I began to realise actually I quite like it, but for whatever reasons I’ve not done it since.

Any way, because I am trying to fill my time better and do more positive things, I gave it another go just now with this video. And isn’t that easy! The video starts slow but by the end my legs and abs were definitely feeling it. I never saw yoga as exercise until now.

I’ve finished feeling pretty chilled, I could quite easily have a little nap. I won’t because that will disrupt my sleep pattern, which is unhelpful. (Check me out being all good!) I even went to make a coffee afterwards but turned the kettle off and got a glass of water instead, that’s new!

I’m also thinking I might take my doctors advice and keep on taking my iron tablets. I feel a little dizzy and I doubt that is from the yoga video itself, so much as my iron levels! If I am making positive changes, one of those needs to be taking all of my medications properly and not just the ones I like because they make me sleep at night!

If you think yoga isn’t for you, I’d recommend you have a go. You just never know. I even fell asleep last night listening to a guided meditation video. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!


4 thoughts on “Airy Fairy?

    1. I’m really changing my attitude towards it, and I’m hoping in time it will become something I am both better at but that also helps me 🙂 any tips for a beginner?

      1. I used to have a block against it – because it was the ‘trendy’ thing to do and all the classes were filled with flexible models so I thought that I first needed to be good at it before I’d ever go to a class in public (lol) – but then I threw myself into the deep end and did a yoga teachers training for a month in Peru (i’ll be blogging about it soon – so come pop by my blog) and the first thing we learned was that there is no ‘good at yoga’ – we each have our own body types and minds and are able to do things differently so never compare yourself to others! (I found that reassuring!!!) Yoga means union, and its all about the union of body and mind – id say the most important thing that i took from the entire thing was breathing – something that we need to survive but that hardly anyone does properly! when we inhale our stomach should come out and when we exhale our stomach should go back in (most people breathe into their chests and their stomach goes in when they inhale – the opposite of proper breathing!!). My favourite thing to do for yoga is to do the sun salutations – you can google it and they will show you the set of postures, but its a set of postures that flow into one another. doing five to ten of those in one day will improve your energy levels!!! do it for a month and then see how you feel 🙂 (sun salutations is ‘surya namaskara’ in sanskrit – for when you google it). The most important thing is just to have fun and be open – yoga is just about connecting with your body and mind and having a peaceful moment, so enjoy it and dont push yourself in the beginning! if you ever needa ask anything, feel free to pop by my blog and write. Let me know once you’ve done your first sun salutations and how you found it 🙂 Hope that helps!!! I’m excited for you!!! Once you feel comfortable – go to an actual class too, its fun! Hope that helps?

      2. Thank you. I will read your comment again when its not 11pm at night! But I can relate a lot. I have friends who are amazing at it and I’m like “yep, never going to happen” but we all have to start somewhere right?!

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