Home for Christmas.

I’m home for Christmas, which brings around a whole mix of feelings, but I shall save that for another day. It’s nice to be home and to see my family. My sister is in hospital, but she’s home this weekend and back on Christmas Eve. It really makes me appreciate spending time with her.



I’m also laptop-less, I left it at university so I have my phone, my sister’s laptop (which she has let me borrow for a bit) and I’m going to be using the library to do my assignments. It also means I’ll probably be blogging a bit less.

I’ve spent today with my mother and sister, so we went for a nice walk in a local park.



I know it sounds awfully cheesy, but the only thing I care about is being with my family this Christmas. It’s hard, at times, when you’ve got your own problems going on, and when there are problems in the family that you are trying to deal with – but as much as sometimes I may struggle with anger from the past, I still have a whole lot more love for the people that have stuck by me through everything.


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