New Year (and bloody weight loss).


I really hate New Year, or at least I think I do though a part of me wonders if I just think I do and make myself.

I don’t drink (for a heap of reasons) and I’m not really the going out kind. I say that, but I bet I’d enjoy my life more if I was.

New Year’s resolutions annoy me too, but then maybe I’m just being a New Year’s scrooge. I say I hate them because in my opinion today is the day. If you want to change something in your life, do it now. I also hate the whole ‘New Year, New me’ thing and the way that everyone gets increasingly obsessed with weight loss at this time of year.

I intend on joining the gym in January, maybe, but that has nothing to do with it being January and everything to do with it happening to be the time I want to join and it making financial sense to wait till the start of the month. Also, if everyone who set their goal as ‘to lose weight’ swapped it for ‘to be healthy’ than maybe it’d stick a bit more – and if healthy didn’t mean ‘eat less’, ‘exercise more’ and ‘don’t you dare eat bad foods’.

Healthy eating needs redefining. Healthy eating includes ‘bad’ food. I say ‘bad’ food because NO food is bad. I am sick of hearing it. I am sick of living in a society which turns food into something that is forbidden or naughty. Demonizing particular types of food and making them off limits does nothing but make people want them more. I’m pretty sure that the way to solve obesity is not to fat shame, is not to tell people they can’t eat certain foods and is not making people feel guilty. It’s also not pushing people to exercise for weight loss. Eating healthily and exercising should not be something people feel guilty for not doing, and forced to do.

If we encouraged people from a young age to eat a varied healthy diet including these ‘bad’ foods at times, and to exercise for enjoyment, exercise to be strong and fit, then we most likely wouldn’t need to worry about how we can get people to lose weight. I can’t see why people haven’t worked this out yet. You’d think it would be obvious that the current way of tackling the problem is doing nothing but see the problem get worse with both obesity and eating disorders increasing. My view isn’t exactly revolutionary, it’s just common sense.

You can see my problem with New Year.

On the other hand, being a  New Year scrooge makes the whole thing pretty depressing. But this time of year can feel pretty awful for people who aren’t perhaps where they want to be in life or not surrounded by family and friends. It’s a lovely time for those that are, and a lonely time for those that aren’t. Apparently suicide rates go down at Christmas, and up at New Year, and I can completely see why.

I’m feeling like I’m going to feel a bit miserable this New Year’s eve. Maybe one day I will find my own way of enjoying it. I’m quite ready for the married life in that sense. Couple of young kids, friends around my house to have a quiet night-in welcome to another year.

I know people say the best years of your life are when you’re young, but that just isn’t the case for everyone.

(On a side note: if New Year is your thing, yay! And if it helps you to reflect on your life and the things you can improve on, I ain’t about to stop you!)


4 thoughts on “New Year (and bloody weight loss).

  1. I didn’t think there would be anyone (young) out there, thinking the same. I don’t give a crap about NYE. It’s just another day, and people make resolutions to throw them overboard by the end of January. They take it as an excuse to drink mindlessly. I just don’t see the point, so I usually go to bed early. It’s just a new number, so why make such a fuss about it?!

    1. So I’m not alone either then! At least there is some comfort in that. Though I think we would both be surprised how many people out there are like us. I spoke to a mental health advisor at uni and I said how I’m just not like a typical student with drinking etc. and she said I’d be shocked at how many students actually feel the same.

      I do feel a bit ‘bad/rubbish’ for not being into it all, I kind of wish I was! Not sure why!

      1. Well, I was the same a little while ago and then met my exboyfriend, and he was all outgoing so I thought I need to get like that, too. But let me tell you, I hated it. It’s okay every once in a while to go out, have fun and dance. But that’s like once every 6 months for me. So not into being surrounded by idiots and drunk people. I didn’t enjoy it at any way, but then I don’t know about you 😉 why not try it?

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