Work experience

I’m not beaming with positivity at the moment so I’ll save you all from a depressing update!

On the bright side I have, after a ridiculous amount of procrastination and cancelling it once, confirmed my work experience placement and I am so excited. I’m nervous but I’m also 90% sure this is the career path I want to go down and there is no better way of finding out if it’s 100% than going and working there. I’m just doubting my own abilities. What if they tell me I’m awful? What if they send me home? What if I mess up? What if I have a bad day? I need to be well that week.

But it sounds really good. They sent me a three page information letter and it feels like they’re really organised and that the things I’ll be doing are things I am familiar with, things I am interested in, and things I want to learn.


I literally don’t know how I manage to function and do these things. I don’t know how I even manage university. I suppose we are all more capable than we realise.

The weekend before it I’m going home for my Dad’s 50th birthday, and I’ll be stopping at my Mum’s with my sister (who after 2yrs is getting discharged from inpatient in a month!) so I am hoping that will set the week off to a good start.