Wishing someone could do it for you

I’m facing some really tough decisions right now. I mean, I was any way..the usual getting close to the end of my degree kind. I’ve been debating between looking for a job, looking for a graduate scheme, doing an MA at my current university, doing a Health Journalism MA at Coventry, or Public Relations back home. I’ve applied for a PhD that I am NEVER going to get, the supervisor pretty much said that they’ve received applications only from students with masters and therefore I am unlikely to be successful. Oh well, can but try, right?!

Then today the decision has gotten even harder. Everyone (ok, slight exaggeration) wants me to go into hospital, and so the apparent middle ground is becoming a day patient three days per week for over a year. It’s such a huge decision, for so many reasons that I’m not going to go into. I am hoping that I could do an MA here while doing the day programme, however the treatment team weren’t happy when I wanted to do their programme alongside my degree last year because they’re worried I wouldn’t cope. Plus there is the financial side. Plus there is the whole..do I want to do the self-led MA here or the journalism one at Coventry?

I have spoken to my Mum and my sister, and they can’t tell me what to do. There is both what to do in terms of the treatment, and what to do with my education. I just wish someone could say do X. I wish someone could make the right decision for me.


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