I am doing work experience at a local hospital this coming week. I am avoiding talking about it, and if anyone mentions it to me, I shut the conversation down as quickly as I can. Avoidance is helping me to not panic and cancel like I did the previous two times I was supposed to go. The truth is, I am absolutely terrified. I am sure I am going to absolutely love it, but I do get worried about coming across too shy, or not being good enough.

This week has been the most stressful week of my degree, in terms of work at least. I was so stressed yesterday that my whole body was shaking and I couldn’t control it. I am glad to say that has passed. I got my groups magazine in, just (I had to run, such fun!) Now I am working on my dissertation. It’s currently on 8063 words in total, 6607 excluding appendices and references. I am panicking about getting it all done, but I know realistically I’m on target. Or at least, my support worker keeps telling me I am!

On a lunch break this week I am going to try hand in my MA application at uni. I want it SOOOO badly. More than I even realised. I am just so interested in doing the research I want to do and I want it now! But I’m not mentally letting myself see it as realistic because I don’t know what my chances are.

Lets see if I actually get this work experience done this time!!


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