Therapy update

I am officially starting therapy with the personality disorder service on the 19th. I was first referred to them in 2013 where I decided not to enter the treatment, I saw them again last May and left with the intention of deferring my final year to start treatment that September, but I didn’t defer, and I didn’t contact them.

After some incidents over the last few months my psychiatrist and the deliberate self-harm team encouraged me to see them again, which I did. I had my final assessment today where we created my care plan, and I am doing this.

It starts with a preparation group, followed by an interview I have to get through to then go to the therapeutic community three days per week for approximately one year. The prep group can take up to six months, but should take two to three ideally. The interview is with three patients and two staff, who get one vote each on whether I enter the therapeutic community.

Today was really tough. Sweat was literally pouring off me and I nearly walked out. I also disassociated and normally people don’t say anything, but today the therapist did, which was hard.

Baby steps.


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