I am going back to university to do my MA on the 3rd of October and WHERE DID TIME GO?! I had so many plans to get ahead on work ready for this and yup, that did not happen. Summer has been weird. At the start I lost contact with my Dad, and then a bit later on I lost contact with my grandparents too. I started the therapeutic community and that has been draining. 16 hours per week. I mean, it’s not that many hours, but it’s so draining, plus I’m anaemic again and I’ve been messing around with my medication and I’ve also been travelling home every Friday to see my psychiatrist. I’ve been living in a nightmare house. Sleeping every opportunity I get because of my medication. Then my sister ended up back on the psych ward for a couple of months. Then I went to Morocco, caught a stomach bug and then got sunstroke, which has taken about three weeks to recover from and I’m still not 100%. I literally got off the plane at Luton airport and was put into a wheelchair because I couldn’t even manage to walk. Then I screwed up with my treatment and went into self-destruct mode, which I think ended yesterday thank the lord!

Today I house hunted with my friend I lived with in 2nd and 3rd year because she has decided to move back here and do a MA too, and her boyfriend. And we went for lunch (!!!) and then I went into town to pick up a book I ordered. I’m considering changing my research so I’m doing some reading. I got ‘Unbearable Weight’ by Susan Bordo. Then I went to the gym, came home and showered and did my make-up again, and in 40 minutes I’m going back out to the cinema! I also saw a nurse from the inpatient unit I was in during 2008/9 which was weird because we’re 2 hours away from where she lived/I lived. I didn’t say anything because I was sure it couldn’t be her, but I’ve spoken to a nurse I have contact with and it turns out it was her, she is doing a clinical psychology degree at my university! Small world.

I also have two blog posts in the making which feels lovely. I’ve lost my way with my writing over the last few months and I didn’t realise how much I miss it. Writing again feels like coming home.